Kaka is being taught by Hawa-Hawaii how to cook burger meat

  • 10th story- While playing baseball, Kondo was going to catch the ball when Hagemaru to stop as the ants as crossing, the ball lands on Kondo's nose.A team of player go and check Kondo who's nose is bleeding(off-sceen) Hagemaru fixes this by puting his smelly sock into Kondo's nose.
  • 9th story-Kaka gives Bapu and Baa an old chair to take, but they reject as their not poor to take this, they throw in the Public trash but later Hagemaru brings it back as a free chair
  • On the set, while cooking Kaka draws a picture of Hawa-Hawaii by describing it like
  1. Leaves as her ponytails
  2. Melon as her head
  3. Dry stick as her mouth
  4. Eggs as her eyes
  5. A raw lemon as her dripping nose
  6. Egg peal as her glasses design
  7. Speedbraker as her hairstyle

Hawa Hawaii's mad at Kaka now, they see a movie till then

In that Hagemaru and Kondo's gang come toward each other by clicking their fingers, they do a weird and they're introduced. Kondo an d Hagemaru have a pastry fight(Hagemaru wins). Hagemaru is caught p***ng on the wall by his Ms.

Hawa-Hawaii and Kaka sweatdrop by falling after the movie. They make the audions listen to a song about nature. After the song Hawa-Hawaii's food got burned from the song.

8th Story-Hagemaru tells Kondo that he won't be smart by reading, tells Hawa-Hawaii the same with shampoo.

9th Story-While hiking the coach tells Hagemaru to tie the rope from the big rock till the bottom, the boy's slide down from it, but it hurts their p**is from getting hit by the big knot.

10th story-Bapu gives his men chopsticks for a salary.


  • Kaka's statement was incorrect as there can't be peals for egg(Might be onions) while dubbing
  • Actually Bapu's statement is incorrect, he was calling a pair of chopsticks in a packet "Two movie tickets in a packet"