In Kondo's house, Hagemaru requests Kondo to play with him but Kondo is rejecting that as he's busy. Hagemaru's sees that he's writting a love letter to a girl named Migachia. Back at the Hageda house, Hagemaru requests his mother to show him the love letter that Bapu gave to her. She teels him that years ago,both of them met under a cherry blossom. Bapu suspects and finds out that he wants to write a love-letter to Migachia. Meanwhile, Hagemaru is writing a love-letter toher in his room by writing sweet things, Kondo teases Hagemaru by telling him that he got too many love-letters. The next day, Hagemaru get's a reply of that letter, he gets overexited about it. On 20th XXXX, Kondo goes with Hagemaru to the bus-stop to recieve Migachia. At Kondo's house, Kondo and Migachia are chatting with each other when Kondo scolds Hagemaru for insulting his family, Migachia protects him while scolding Kondo that Hagemaru's just a kid with less sense, Kondo feels heart-broken. At the toy shop, Migachia buys a toy and runs with it towards Hagemaru but gives it to Kondo. Hagemaru found out that she's in love with Kondo, he's heartbroken. He's still till he notices Midori-chan walking, he goes to her and start chatting on the way.


The love-letter that was recieved by Hagemaru, Before, there was a cat smily on it, when he's on the bath-house chimney, there's a heart sticker on it.