The story begins with The Hageda family eating noodles, Hagemaru's late for school again, His teacher throws him on Earth and he gets stuck below a giant rock and she tells him not to come in the class till he dosen't bring tasty food from there. Kaka was riding a horse when Hagemaru requested him to take him out, Kaka told him that if he runs away immediately, then he'll punish him. Kaka tickles Hagemaru's legs from behind bursting Hagemaru out. He runs way immediately, Kaka does immotional-blackmailing to attract him back, Kaka puts the ring(used to control people) but it's always sliping out of his head multiple times. He gives up and becomes his friend, he introduces him with his friends Pesu,Kondo in the form of an eagle, Mr.Moustache Man and Hawa-hawaii The Cameras come in front of him and tell him to get a photo taken, but everyone in coming at the same time, Hawa-Hawaii scolds them by saying that this camera can take a picture of 1 peron/time, While taking Kaka's photos, Kondo comes in between and both turn into Kondo, They understood their plan, The second time, the Mooustache Man turns into a horse by mistake and Hawa-Hawaii turns into a pig. On a death path, They both took a photo of Pesu's p**p instead and Hagemaru and the rest escape from the cloudcraft. They both get washed away from a small flood. Hagemaru,The Moustache Man and Hawa-Hawaii make duplicates of each other and have a fight, by running too much, the duplicates combine and turn into a giant yellow doughaut. In this happiness, Kaka makes a big hot cake and everyone eats it. They return to heaven.


  • Actually that wasn't soup but a hot cake, this is an error
  • If Hagemaru came throgh the butter,butter should had come on him.
  • The Original Hagemaru pulled out one of his hair, making them two pieces, but later they're threee pieces again.

Background ImformationEdit

  • Hawa-Hawaii's voice was different from her different voice.